10 reasons to play League of Legends

About eight years ago, Riot Games launched the basic version of League of Legends. However, it took another three years before the game began to dominate the entire gaming market, attracting more and more people. Why did it happen? What secret did Riot Games have that made the League so popular? There are at least 10 reasons:

1. The League was free

In the 2010s, most games were paid. At the phase of active growth in the first season, the completely free game was a tempting offer.

2. Lack of competition

At that time, Dota was already outdated, and Dota 2 did not appear yet. In addition, the League was somewhat similar to StarCraft and Warcraft, so when the outflow of players began, gamers paid their attention to League of Legends.

3. It is easy to learn

The League was simpler than Heroes of Newerth, however, it remained interesting and fascinating gameplay. League had almost perfect difficulty for mass popularity.

4. Availability

LOL did not require a cool computer to run. The minimum system requirements allowed to run the game almost on any device.

5. Streamers in support

The League was actively developing at the time of the Twitch and Own3d. Many gamers watched streams of famous pro-gamers like HotshotGG. The League was one of the most viewed games, occupying the top positions on streaming sites.

6. Natural development

When the LOL reached a certain level of popularity, people began to attract new players themselves. As this is a team game, so the desire to play with friends led to the avalanche effect.

7. Prize fund

The second season LOL championship offered the largest remuneration at that time. Two million dollars – this amount was the reason for extensive discussions and attention to the championship.

8. More money

Tencent – one of the largest Chinese companies invested in Riot Games at the startup stage. In 2011, it bought a controlling package. Owning one of the largest gaming portals in China, Tencent contributed to the development of LOL in the country with one of the largest gaming markets.

9. It is attractive, sexy and diverse

Stylish and attractive illustrations greatly contributed to the popularization of the League in its early stages. Later, the fans themselves joined this activity. All this has created a powerful community of support, attracting with its diversity of styles and formats at the same time.

10. It’s a cybersport

Riot made great efforts to make League of Legends eSports to keep the interest of those who have already played MOBA. In partnership with other companies, Riot has held many events around the world, attracting hundreds of thousands and even millions of active gamers. Without eSports, it would be extremely difficult.

What are your 10 reasons to play League of Legends? Share your thoughts and impressions with us in comments.

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