The Best of the Best: the Winners of the League of Legends Tournaments

The League of Legends is monthly gathering millions of gamers, as well as fans of the industry. This figure increases while the World Championship is carried out. The Worlds has been arranged by the company Riot Games since 2011. The tournaments are carried out in different cities of European, American, and Asian countries.

The winning teams receive not only recognition and worldwide fame but also a considerable amount of LoL prize fund which has recently reached several million dollars. This makes the best League of Legends players not regular geeks but talented people making money on their hobby.

Teams Winning the Latest LoL World Championships

  1. Invictus Gaming is a Chinese professional team winning over Fnatic in 2018. Such gamers as TheShy, RooKie, West, and several other guys are those who take the team to success. At LPL in spring 2019, they have already got the first reward with 223 477 dollars of the prize. Who knows, probably, they will be number one at the World Championship of 2019 in Paris.
  2. Samsung Galaxy was the Champion in 2017. The team was established in 2013. Their successful trip started in 2016 at LCK Summer 2016 where they have reached the first position in ratings. Through their history, they have already won more than 2.5 million dollars. Such players as Ambition, CuVee, Haru, Stitch, and many others used to play for this team.
  3. SK Telecom T1 is a unique team getting to the top of the Championship and getting the first place for three times: in 2013, 2015, and 2016. This Korean squad has earned 4 766 175 US dollars due to the victories in tournaments they have participated in. The best gamer of all the times – Faker – plays for SK Telecom T1, as well as Crazy, Haru, Mata, and others.
  4. Samsung Galaxy White won the World Championship in 2014. Besides, they have got a successful history of competitions and tournaments as the rate of their wins is 81 percent which is an impressive result. More than one million dollars of prizes they have won prove that they are high-level professionals. Homme, Looper, Dandy, and others are the gamers who used to be the part of this squad.
  5. Taipei Assassins is the team from Taiwan which won the Second Season of the World Championship. Till the year 2016, the team was showing good results at tournaments with 63 percent of victories. The fans of LoL will definitely recognize such names as Sarsky, Achie, Morning or Chawy who used to play for Taipei Assassins.
  6. Fnatic is the only European team which was the champion in 2011 at Riot Season 1 Championship. Until now, the team is successfully participating in tournaments with Bwipo, Nemesis, Broxah, Rekkles, and Hylissang.

For the games, as well as for spectators and fans, the World Championships are spectacular events which join them together every year. Millions of people get inspired by these talented cyber-sportsmen who reach such heights at their young age.

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