The most popular characters to play in League of Legends

How often have you been in a situation when the appearance of a certain hero in LOL made your blood boil? How often did you think “Please, not him”? There are more than a hundred champions in League of Legends, but which one is considered the best? We decided to take a proper look at the game and select our best heroes.

1. Lee Sin

The incredible mobility of a monk combined with an excellent control makes Lee Sin one of the most dangerous champions in LoL. Most effectively the hero acts as a forester. Lee Sin becomes even more dangerous with the emergence of the ultimate ability, as it dramatically boosts the control and ability to initiate team fights.

2. Irelia

The hero is most often banned at the draft stage and there is a reason for it: Irelia acts well at the upper line and creates incredible difficulties for opponents. The main thing is to collect the charges for the passive ability – then the champion can do an incredible amount of damage with his auto-attacks.

3. Shako

One of the most annoying and uncomfortable champions for the enemy. A good player can turn the lives of his rivals into hell. Shako makes it difficult to farm, arranging ambushes and constantly maneuvering from one point to another. A famous “box” can instantly isolate a group of neutral monsters in the forest or become an unpleasant surprise for the enemy team. An experienced Shako is almost elusive – due to his invisibility and ultimate skills, he is difficult to catch in focus.

4. Wayne

This Champion is perfect for both newcomers and veterans of the League. In experienced hands, Wayne performs terrible statistics of murders and high win rate. The champion has great potential in the late stage of the game – he is able to kill any hero in a one-on-one battle. Another important advantage of the character is that her abilities do not require large amounts of mana, so Wayne is always able to inject damage and help the team.

5. Timo

The best mushroom picker of the game turns an opponent’s life into a nightmare, chasing the whole enemy team at night. The ideal hero for the upper line, extremely mobile and unpleasant for the opponent. Timo has four attractive features in the arsenal: invisibility, fast speed, darts with poison and endless traps with mushrooms. The champion is able to make magical damage and help support by placing mushrooms on the map. Experienced players know: good Timo is the one that is visible on the map only at the moment of killing an opponent.

That is all for today. Which champions in League of Legends do you like? Share your selection in the comments! 

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